About Us

What we do

Our goal is to ensure our clients are afforded expert advice and solutions in respect of telecommunication connectivity to their buildings. This ranges from independent reviews and surveys for both fixed and mobile services, development of solutions for new builds and refurbishment all backed by an end to end managed service tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Our experience

We have provided independent services to our clients for a number of years across the commercial property sector, including office buildings, hotels, schools and leisure facilities. Our in-depth knowledge of fixed and mobile sectors enables us to procure up to date solutions based on constant evolving technology to ensure buildings are fully connected to meet the demands of tenants and end users.

Our value

We pride ourselves on understanding the requirements for the client and end users to enable us to quickly determine the level of connectivity and propose solutions to meet any deficiencies in the most cost effective way. Engagement with one or more service providers can be time consuming. Our ongoing relationships with BT, Virgin Media for example and all of the mobile operators enables us to take care of all requirements working alongside other stakeholders in the construction process to ensure works are completed on time and within budget.