Building Connectivity Rating

We have been providing building connectivity ratings for commercial property for a host of companies over a number of years and see this increasing year on year. We have completed in excess of one hundred and fifty surveys and reports over the past twelve months across the United Kingdom. Our reports provide a detailed assessment and rating for the building across both fixed and mobile networks achieved by comprehensive site survey, affording prospective tenants an independent view which in many cases can be a key differentiator in building selection.

Connectivity is important to business as any potential move to new premises has risks. The ability to maintain connectivity across both fixed and mobile services is critical and is location dependent. We provide all of the information to ensure that these moves are undertaken with advance knowledge to ensure any new destination is fit for purpose and affords the level of service and security required.

Survey and Reports include:

  • Building Rating
  • Fixed network infrastructure in the building
  • Fixed network infrastructure in the local environs
  • Building entry points, security and diversity
  • Scalability of entry points, ownership
  • Equipment presence, copper and fibre
  • Current services, type and scalability
  • ADSL broadband speed
  • Carriers presence and services in place
  • Access from entries to risers and tenant areas
  • Riser details, security, diversity, space
  • Additional services, landlord owned etc
  • Structured cabling (where appropriate)
  • Mobile coverage assessment, all operators
  • Coverage predictions, all operators
  • Service enhancements in place, potential