Mobile Coverage Consultancy

We have been actively involved in mobile coverage consultancy for commercial and residential buildings for over ten years. Our ability to provide expert advice in respect of requirements for securing in-building connectivity across all operators affords our client a single point of contact for all mobile services. Whether the location is an existing building, redevelopment or new build we follow a tried and tested process to investigate and procure the most technically and cost effective solution to meet the requirements of the end users.

Investigation and Assessment

Our experience extends over a variety of projects including office buildings, hotels and residential premises from small infill to full distributed antenna solutions. We undertake initial investigations to determine existing coverage and quality of service across all technologies for all mobile operators. These are completed typically by site survey for existing buildings to predicative assessments based on outdoor coverage for re-developments and new builds utilising architectural designs to establish expected service levels.

Solutions and Budget Costs

Following our assessments, we provide our clients with details of the existing and predicated level of services for their development. In cases of coverage or quality of service shortfalls we investigate all available options for internal enhancement and make recommendations where required backed up by budget costs to procure and deliver all proposed solutions.


Where internal enhancement is required and approved, we undertake the procurement of the solution acting as a single point of contact for the client. This involves engagement with all stakeholders such as the mobile operators, managed service providers, site representatives etc to ensure the solution is delivered, configured and tested in accordance with industry standards to meet programme dates.