Connectivity, what does this mean?

The level of telecommunications connectivity to a commercial building is based on a number of factors. These range from the level of infrastructure that exists within the building such as BT, Virgin Media for example to that of how they achieve this by means of access, diversity, resilience etc. In order to provide a high level of connectivity for tenants the provision of multiple options for services is desired affording both choice and security of service. In order to determine this a survey is undertaken both internally and externally to identify all carrier services both in the building and within the local environs. When completed a detailed report is produced with summary data sheet affording a record of all findings. This report combined with our in-house rating card enables us to rate and certify the building on a scale of one to five utilising a star ranking.

Why is this important?

In today’s digital working environment the ability to maintain continued services across a tenants business is paramount. The level of connectivity within a building is a key differentiator for tenants in their choice of new leases or retention of those current. The provision of an independent review and certification affords such tenants a transparent appraisal of the building to ensure it meets their current and future needs.