How is a building rated?

In advance of survey a desktop analysis of the building and its local environs is completed. This coupled with the following detailed survey enables us to fully understand the level of connectivity both in place and any opportunities to enhance it. Based on a number of factors identified from both exercises, this is reviewed alongside our rate card to determine the ‘Star Rating’ that the building affords in its current status, taking into account any recommendations for improvement. The higher the rating, the more attractive the building is in respect of telecoms services. Typically as a guide the following points are considered at both desk top level and survey to suit

  • Fixed network infrastructure in local environs
  • Fixed network infrastructure in building
  • Building entry points, security and diversity
  • Scalability of entry points and ownership
  • Carrier equipment locations, access and security
  • Access, space and routes from entries to risers
  • Riser locations, access, diversity, space and security
  • Building distribution routes to tenants areas
  • Existing carrier equipment and services in building
  • Additional services, Day 1 fibre, WI-FI etc
  • Mobile coverage assessment, all operators and technologies
  • Coverage predictions across all floors and areas

The above criteria is then recorded in a detailed report, building data sheet, certification document (printable version) and rate card which highlights any considered recommendation to enhance the buildings level of connectivity where appropriate.

An optional Certification Plaque is available to confirm and reflect the rating received.